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Monday, 19 March 2012

Still sewing....

Right, I think it can now be called an obsession. All I can think about is sewing, my sewing patterns and fabric. The fabric obsession is nothing new but as I mentioned in my last entry I've been learning to make my own clothes. I had a day off today and spent the entire day sewing skirts!
The skirt on the left used a fabric called Cindy which I bought from M is for Make, the yellow skirt on the left was a yellow dot poplin fabric and centre, Hopscotch again from M is for Make.
The pattern as I mentioned before was Colette Patterns and the skirt was called Ginger. I can't get enough of making them.

Once I'd finished my skirt sewing for the day. I still didn't feel satisfied. So I used some leftover remnants of fabric to make this peter pan collar which you could pop over your cardi or t shirt and look super cute. I haven't finished mine yet as I didn't have any ribbon to hand to make the ties. I'll tie up those loose ends tomorrow when I'm back in the tearoom ;-)
I adapted the free pattern from Colette which I found when I was obsessively reading every page of her site. Her version makes a faux fur collar with pom pom ties.

I just made a flat one and will add satin or velvet black ribbon to make the ties.
You can download the free pattern here. I printed the simple pattern and placed it on a lovely cream remnant I had (a curtain actucally) and cut out. I also cut out the same in iron on interfacing and adhered to my curtain remnant fabric. For the underside, I used a bit I had leftover from my spotty skirt. Right sides facing, I sewed all the way round leaving a gap at the back of the neck so that you can turn the collar the right way round then stitch the opening closed. How I am to attach the ties I have not yet decided... I'm afraid I battered on as I usually do with a project even if I'm ill equipped... it keeps me amused...
Last thing for now are the fabric birds I added to my Easter tree in the tearoom.
I made them using fabric remnants and a pattern found online. I won't say too much about them just now because they'll feature again in a future post in more detail...


  1. Very pretty skirts, I love the yellow dot fabric. Perfect for Spring/Summer. I love all the cute little details in the Colette patterns, like the shaped waistband. I need to find some nice fabric for making a skirt (of course nothing in my massive stash will do... *sigh*)

    1. I sympathise with having a massive stash of fabric but none of it suitable! I don't really have anything in excess of one metre in my stash and for the need two metres!

  2. Skirts are gorgeous - just right for summer (if we get one this year)!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. super cute!
    love your blog hun! it's so good! you have amazing taste!
    keep up the good work!
    mind checking mine out? i recently changed the web address, its now Idiotic fashion
    thank you! would be an honour!
    <3 Lottie


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