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Monday, 23 May 2011

Daft Day

My day off today was pretty busy but I did get some cushions made from the great fabric I got a week or so ago. I'll take proper pictures of them in the shop tomorrow but you can see a little purse I made for myself with some of the remnants.

I'm quite pleased with the little purse so I think I'll make one to sell at Cushion & Cake.
Bit of an eventful day today too for me. A bit disaterous in a comedy way. I couple of examples are having two car park securtiy staff searching for my car in a city centre car park because I couldn't remember where I'd left it and accidentally cutting a cushion I'd just sewn a zip onto in half! There are more like these but I won't elaborate... I don't want to demonstrate how daft I can be sometimes!

The tearoom now has one lovely highchair for small children. I'll get another next month. I'll get my mum to set it up  tomorrow. She's a recently retired childcare professional and if you've seen me assemble Ikea furniture you'd be glad to hear someone sensible is going to see to it!

Stuart sent me a link today for some pretty hooks. Something like this to hang the highchair on when it is not in use would be nice.
 I think I'd prefer something handmade though. Handmade, quirky and up to the job. Any suggestions?

Sunday, 22 May 2011

super second week

What a way to end my week number two! I was run off my feet earlier, full to capacity with lots of lovely people. It is the first time the shop has been that busy and I was on my own today into the bargain, however, I think I coped ok. People just had to wait a wee bit for their sandwiches but I think they were OK with that. I've got a little bit on my menu which says the food takes a wee bit to prepare as it is fresh. One poor guy though really did have to wait a little longer... I forgot the sandwich for his soup and sarnie combo- SORRY :-)!

This week has run a lot smoother than last week and I'm getting more and more organised every day, and each day getting a little busier. I really hope it continues to get busier and better because this life style is suiting me! I'm happy, calm and contented. Can't ask for much more.

I have my day off tomorrow and I will DEFINITELY do some making. Cushion & Cake is lacking in the former at the moment so I'll get on with it tomorrow. I did get up to some of the crafty business last week though. On Monday I went with a friend to a card making class and on Thursday, a felting class.
 Fusing the two colours together.
I knew I'd like the felting class but I really loved it. I've got ideas now of felted decorations in the shop, maybe a curtain type thing or a garland like this.
There are so many possibilities. I could get a bit carried away! The yarn itself, the untreated, unspun wool was so tactile and so lovely just to hold in your hands and stroke. Sooooo soft. My guinea pigs don't enjoy being handled that much so maybe I could get my furry fix from the yarn and leave the guineas to their business. I think I'll book onto the next class. I really enjoyed crafting as a group. It was very sociable. If you live in or near Glasgow, Damselfly and Queen Bee is where I went. Annie and Yvonne run the workshops and the shop itself. Great ladies.

So I'd better go and get cleared up for the day and get ready for some relaxing tomorrow xx

Thursday, 19 May 2011

cushion and cake blog's new look!

Oooh... look at my new blog. Isn't it pretty?

Also I went live today with a little temporary website just to get me started.
Stuart and I are going to work on taking some beautiful images of the shop for the super duper website. Just trying to find some free time to take the pictures!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

finishing touches and trouble shooting

Thanks to everyone for your kind words. I really appreciate them. Some of you have even said you'll pop in. Ooooh. I'd love that. I really would.

Things were a little busier for me today compared to the weekend which was great. I had a couple of tables at the one time so I was able to see how I coped preparing everything for both tables. It was fine. I have learned so much in the last few days. The best way to do things. Where to keep things. How to do things speedily and lots more.

One thing I am struggling with and it is not something I had thought would give me hassle and it is my till. Now I'm not a technophobe by any means but my till terrifies me! The instruction manual is so complicated and when I look at the diagrams and the words on the page, they all start to swirl into a psychedelic pattern which makes me have to close the manual and come back to it later. I met a fellow tearoom owner at a friend's birthday at the weekend and she visited me yesterday and showed me the basics so it is a little less scary now.

I also didn't have a proper book keeping system in place so I sent an emergency email to my follow on business advisor from Glasgow North Regeneration Agency on Sunday to ask for help and she actually came to the shop this morning and sat for an hour with me and got me set up with something simple. I owe a lot to this organisation. They worked with me for months to put together a business plan and I even got a grant from them to buy equipment for the tearoom. I'd recommend to anyone setting up a business to get help form their local version of this Glasgow North Regeneration Agency

Also first thing this morning, my signage was erected. That do you think? Cute? Stuart designed it for me. It is just perfect for the wee place. One of my friends popped her head in the door as she was passing today and said the signage looks 'edible'. I agree!
You'll see my vintage bicycle too with a little flower basket there. I decided not to paint it after all. I couldn't do it. I'd loose the 'Triumph' painted on the frame and the rusty bits give it character. Some things are best left as they are. The bicycle is one of them. The wee blue outdoor table and chair was thrifted from the recycling centre last week. The guys must see me coming and say 'here she comes, what rubbish does she want today?' Hee hee. I should probably paint it in case someone in Glasgow recognises it!

Monday, 9 May 2011

first days

Today is my day off. However, I have been in the tearoom all day baking, paying bills, organising my kitchen and waiting for the signage company to come and fit my shop front signage.
Today I made a raspberry bakewell cake, gooey choc and cherry cookies ad lemon drizzle cake. All that leaves is to make my scones fresh in the morning. I'll have to be really careful with how much cake I'm eating. When I was making my cookies, one of them fell apart when I took it out of the oven, so I just ate it as it wasn't good enough to sell. On top of that, I had a bit of leftover coconut & lime cake at lunch from yesterday. I can't help myself!!!
A photographer was in today too to take my pictures for Glasgow's daily newspaper, The Evening Times. They're running a little story on the shop which is great exposure. It was quite good fun having my picture taken posing with cakes and teapots but it did feel a little odd. I'm not used to having my picture taken and rarely enjoy seeing pictures of myself!

I've got some more images to show you of the shop, full length shots and some more little details.

I also have some party photos...

It was pretty packed! I was delighted with the turnout.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

cushion and cake is open!!!

Phew! What a week this has been. The final push to get the tearoom ready for my opening party on Friday night was tough but I got there in the end and had an amazing night at my opening.

The tearoom was jam packed with a wonderful turnout. Everyone I invited turned up to wish me well and enjoy some cava and cake.  A photographer pal came in to take some photos of my wee event so I'll be sure to let you see some of them when I get my mitts on them. For now however. Some images of the shop.

Hmmm... I've just realised that there are no shots of the entire shop! Sorry about that. I'll get some of those tomorrow!!

Friday, 6 May 2011

my big day - no, not getting married

Wowzers!! Whirlwind fortnight! I feel like I haven't stopped for a breath for days now. I'm not complaining though. Tomorrow is my little opening evening with some cava, cake, tea and chat. I'm really looking forward to it but I'm a bit nervous about accommodating everyone that I invited into the shop. Last count there were 40 plus people. I am shocked at how many people said they'd come along. I'm delighted!
At the moment, I'm not feeling too stressed. I'm trying not to. I don't want to feel stressed in little tearoom and I feel like I've worked hard enough and prepared enough to deserve not to be all over the place tomorrow. Today was a great day. A lovely woman, Ruth who I go to for reiki and used to see through work as we worked for similar organisations, came to the shop this morning to clear the energy in the shop. It was a lovely little ceremony with sage incense filling the room. Then I went onto making lots of big pom poms for my window, bunting and goodie bags for tomorrow night.
I also took delivery of all the lovely loose leaf tea I ordered from Jenier Teas. I had a visit on Monday from Anita from the company which happens to be local which is really nice. She had lots of anecdotes and stories about lots of the teas which I just love. I can be a bit geeky with things like that and often learn as much as I can about stuff so I really look forward to gaining a bit more knowledge on tea rather than just really enjoying drinking it!
So I'd best get to sleep. Big day tomorrow. Sorry I'm still holding out on images. I promise the next post will have some pictures of the tearoom and some of my favourite bits in it.