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Monday, 9 May 2011

first days

Today is my day off. However, I have been in the tearoom all day baking, paying bills, organising my kitchen and waiting for the signage company to come and fit my shop front signage.
Today I made a raspberry bakewell cake, gooey choc and cherry cookies ad lemon drizzle cake. All that leaves is to make my scones fresh in the morning. I'll have to be really careful with how much cake I'm eating. When I was making my cookies, one of them fell apart when I took it out of the oven, so I just ate it as it wasn't good enough to sell. On top of that, I had a bit of leftover coconut & lime cake at lunch from yesterday. I can't help myself!!!
A photographer was in today too to take my pictures for Glasgow's daily newspaper, The Evening Times. They're running a little story on the shop which is great exposure. It was quite good fun having my picture taken posing with cakes and teapots but it did feel a little odd. I'm not used to having my picture taken and rarely enjoy seeing pictures of myself!

I've got some more images to show you of the shop, full length shots and some more little details.

I also have some party photos...

It was pretty packed! I was delighted with the turnout.


  1. I'm fairly new to blogging and just found yours so thought i'd say hi. Your tearoom looks gorgeous and just my kind of style. I live in Edinburgh so will try to visit sometime! Best wishes, Kate

  2. It's simply lovely Pamela!
    Your hard work has definitely paid off. Can't wait to see it, have a cuppa and stuff myself with some of your cake.
    Hope you have lots of customers!

  3. Oh your shop looks lovely. I would so love to open a tea shop will enjoy following your blog Lesley.x

  4. Your tea shop looks wonderful, well done!
    The pastel chairs look lovely, as does the painted dresser and trolley, and all the bunitng and flowers.
    And as for the cakes..... they look delicious, and i love the sound of the ones you've just made.
    Looks like you had a great turn out for the party.
    Congratulations for getting your dream up and running, I wish you every success!
    Gill xx

  5. Thanks ladies for your comments. Those of you who are within the 50 mile radius, come on in!! hee hee xx

  6. It looks absolutely perfect! Oh if only I lived in the UK... :)


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