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Sunday, 8 May 2011

cushion and cake is open!!!

Phew! What a week this has been. The final push to get the tearoom ready for my opening party on Friday night was tough but I got there in the end and had an amazing night at my opening.

The tearoom was jam packed with a wonderful turnout. Everyone I invited turned up to wish me well and enjoy some cava and cake.  A photographer pal came in to take some photos of my wee event so I'll be sure to let you see some of them when I get my mitts on them. For now however. Some images of the shop.

Hmmm... I've just realised that there are no shots of the entire shop! Sorry about that. I'll get some of those tomorrow!!


  1. I'm so excited for you Pamela...well done :) Wishing you lots of success and fun on your new venture..
    love from
    Jane x x x x x x x x x

  2. Thanks Jane. I think you'd like my place from what I see on your blog. If you're ever in Glasgow... xxxx

  3. Looks lovely - hope to visit sometime soon.

  4. Big Congrats! Bet you feel proud...and a little relieved x

    Your tea room looks wonderful!


  5. Thanks everyone. I am pretty chuffed with it. Today is the day the shop is shut but I'm still here pottering away!! I'll be living here mostly I expect...

  6. I sure wish I lived there and could come by every morning! What a great thing for you to do. I will have to watch from afar. Congratulations on living your dream!


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