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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

finishing touches and trouble shooting

Thanks to everyone for your kind words. I really appreciate them. Some of you have even said you'll pop in. Ooooh. I'd love that. I really would.

Things were a little busier for me today compared to the weekend which was great. I had a couple of tables at the one time so I was able to see how I coped preparing everything for both tables. It was fine. I have learned so much in the last few days. The best way to do things. Where to keep things. How to do things speedily and lots more.

One thing I am struggling with and it is not something I had thought would give me hassle and it is my till. Now I'm not a technophobe by any means but my till terrifies me! The instruction manual is so complicated and when I look at the diagrams and the words on the page, they all start to swirl into a psychedelic pattern which makes me have to close the manual and come back to it later. I met a fellow tearoom owner at a friend's birthday at the weekend and she visited me yesterday and showed me the basics so it is a little less scary now.

I also didn't have a proper book keeping system in place so I sent an emergency email to my follow on business advisor from Glasgow North Regeneration Agency on Sunday to ask for help and she actually came to the shop this morning and sat for an hour with me and got me set up with something simple. I owe a lot to this organisation. They worked with me for months to put together a business plan and I even got a grant from them to buy equipment for the tearoom. I'd recommend to anyone setting up a business to get help form their local version of this Glasgow North Regeneration Agency

Also first thing this morning, my signage was erected. That do you think? Cute? Stuart designed it for me. It is just perfect for the wee place. One of my friends popped her head in the door as she was passing today and said the signage looks 'edible'. I agree!
You'll see my vintage bicycle too with a little flower basket there. I decided not to paint it after all. I couldn't do it. I'd loose the 'Triumph' painted on the frame and the rusty bits give it character. Some things are best left as they are. The bicycle is one of them. The wee blue outdoor table and chair was thrifted from the recycling centre last week. The guys must see me coming and say 'here she comes, what rubbish does she want today?' Hee hee. I should probably paint it in case someone in Glasgow recognises it!


  1. The sign does look excited for you starting out on such a wonderful adventure.
    Must work out when I can get through there soon. My Biscuits will want to come, they are so into going for cake. I've trained them since birth to enjoy a coffee shop/tearoom.
    I could happily hear each day your list of cakes you are serving.

  2. Oh thank you thank you both. Bring your 'Biscuits'! I've got an ever growing toybox and other things to keep the we ones occupied xx


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