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Sunday, 22 May 2011

super second week

What a way to end my week number two! I was run off my feet earlier, full to capacity with lots of lovely people. It is the first time the shop has been that busy and I was on my own today into the bargain, however, I think I coped ok. People just had to wait a wee bit for their sandwiches but I think they were OK with that. I've got a little bit on my menu which says the food takes a wee bit to prepare as it is fresh. One poor guy though really did have to wait a little longer... I forgot the sandwich for his soup and sarnie combo- SORRY :-)!

This week has run a lot smoother than last week and I'm getting more and more organised every day, and each day getting a little busier. I really hope it continues to get busier and better because this life style is suiting me! I'm happy, calm and contented. Can't ask for much more.

I have my day off tomorrow and I will DEFINITELY do some making. Cushion & Cake is lacking in the former at the moment so I'll get on with it tomorrow. I did get up to some of the crafty business last week though. On Monday I went with a friend to a card making class and on Thursday, a felting class.
 Fusing the two colours together.
I knew I'd like the felting class but I really loved it. I've got ideas now of felted decorations in the shop, maybe a curtain type thing or a garland like this.
There are so many possibilities. I could get a bit carried away! The yarn itself, the untreated, unspun wool was so tactile and so lovely just to hold in your hands and stroke. Sooooo soft. My guinea pigs don't enjoy being handled that much so maybe I could get my furry fix from the yarn and leave the guineas to their business. I think I'll book onto the next class. I really enjoyed crafting as a group. It was very sociable. If you live in or near Glasgow, Damselfly and Queen Bee is where I went. Annie and Yvonne run the workshops and the shop itself. Great ladies.

So I'd better go and get cleared up for the day and get ready for some relaxing tomorrow xx


  1. Your blog looks lovely. Glad everything going well in the tearoom. I'd love to try felting too...maybe one day when i'm baby-free! xx

  2. Dont worry about the slow delivery of my sandwich - the wait was worth it

  3. Kate- Yes, try the felting. It would be a good activity for toddlers so you won;t have to wait too long!

    Richard- Glad the wait was worth it! I have your order stamped on my brain now if that is any consolation ;-)


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