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Friday, 6 May 2011

my big day - no, not getting married

Wowzers!! Whirlwind fortnight! I feel like I haven't stopped for a breath for days now. I'm not complaining though. Tomorrow is my little opening evening with some cava, cake, tea and chat. I'm really looking forward to it but I'm a bit nervous about accommodating everyone that I invited into the shop. Last count there were 40 plus people. I am shocked at how many people said they'd come along. I'm delighted!
At the moment, I'm not feeling too stressed. I'm trying not to. I don't want to feel stressed in little tearoom and I feel like I've worked hard enough and prepared enough to deserve not to be all over the place tomorrow. Today was a great day. A lovely woman, Ruth who I go to for reiki and used to see through work as we worked for similar organisations, came to the shop this morning to clear the energy in the shop. It was a lovely little ceremony with sage incense filling the room. Then I went onto making lots of big pom poms for my window, bunting and goodie bags for tomorrow night.
I also took delivery of all the lovely loose leaf tea I ordered from Jenier Teas. I had a visit on Monday from Anita from the company which happens to be local which is really nice. She had lots of anecdotes and stories about lots of the teas which I just love. I can be a bit geeky with things like that and often learn as much as I can about stuff so I really look forward to gaining a bit more knowledge on tea rather than just really enjoying drinking it!
So I'd best get to sleep. Big day tomorrow. Sorry I'm still holding out on images. I promise the next post will have some pictures of the tearoom and some of my favourite bits in it.



  1. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of what you have done to the place! Best wishes for tomorrow - and remember if you ever need any knitted tea cosies .....
    Liz xx

  2. Good luck Pamela! I bet your guests have a ball.

  3. good luck! I hope everything runs smoothly, and i'm looking forward to seeing the photos!


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