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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

drumroll... opening day announcement!

I'm so excited now I can hardly bear it! I've set the date for Cushion&Cake's opening, Saturday 7th May 2011. That's the end of next week!

But it is OK. I'm really pleased with the progress I've made on getting the place ready. Today, with the help of my partner Stuart, his mum Marie and my friend Jill, we got the place scrubbed top to bottom and the first coat of paint on. I like to think I'm organised and efficient but Marie just came in the door with a massive packed lunch for all in one hand and a roller in the other and got everyone to work without any hesitations. She's coming back tomorrow for hopefully more of the same.

I've decided not to post any more of the 'before' pictures now rather just let you see when it is all lovely and how I see it in my mind. I hope that's OK! Instead I'll show you a picture of me with an owl at the weekend :-)
 On the Friday eve of my opening to the public, I've organised a wee party for family, friends and folk who've shown kindness and generosity over the last few months as a way to say thank you. The booze was delivered today and I hope there's enough cava to go round. I'll be sure to get lots of pictures at the opening night too.
I'm really pleased with the number of folk who have stopped to have a wee look at the poster in my window and give a wave or approval or even pop their heads in to say they look forward to a cuppa in a proper teacup. Today an woman popped in with her cheeky wee Jack Russell/Basset Hound cross doggie and asked if she came for a cuppa, could I have a dog bowl of water for him. Of course!! I don't think doggies are allowed in tearooms but there will definitely be facilities for them outside.

I'll keep you posted on any more exiting developments over the course of the week...


  1. How exciting for you! Hope the opening goes well and will try and get through for a nice wee cuppa soon!

  2. We lived in Glasgow in 2009 - I wish you had opened back then! I've been reading back over your blog to find out about your journey so far - am very excited to see how the opening goes - best of luck! My father in law is a rather senior risk analyst (or something complicated like that...) and he says that in any business, enthusiasm is what gets you 70% of the way - so just keep smiling :)

    Sam x


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