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Monday, 4 April 2011

smashing weekend

A very productive weekend this weekend where I got involved in a bit of demolition. I thought I'd help the builder out by pulling down a big plaster wall to make way for my new toilet. I've never done anything like it before but I really enjoyed thrusting the crowbar into the plaster and making a massive hole then tearing a bigger one. I even tried to kick it Van Damme style to put the wall in but the result wasn't as satisfying as going at it with some heavy metal.

We also had the task of doing lots of runs in the car to the recycling center to get rid of all the rubbish. 
We did a good job leaving the site all tidy.
At the recycling centre I also managed to talk the site manager into letting me take a lovely little rocking chair that I spied in the recycled furniture area. You can just see it in the picture on the right.

The weather on Saturday was great so we made a start on painting the tearoom furniture. I have to say, the results using spray paint were excellent. A number of posts ago I was weighing up the pros and cons on using spray paint. Now there is no contest. The chairs I was painting with paint just take so long and the finish isn't as good. I'm going to source more spray paint colours today so we can finish all of the furniture. The only problem is, you only get ONE chair sprayed per can, and the cans are expensive...but... you save on time and they look great so I suppose it is worth it.
We tried just painting the back of the chair at the front. It was Stuart's idea, and with a new cover on that cushion pad, it'll look brill.

You maybe can't see the colours in the sunlight but the chair on the left, I think is my favourite. It is a lovely pastel green colour.

So later today I'll be pulling cut vinyl off the windows in the shop.Very boring job....



  1. Looks like you're making great progress and getting well stuck in!
    The chairs look great - I love the array of pastel colours.

  2. The chairs look lovely, it has been a lovely weekend weather wise. Wish I'd thought of spray painting the radiator cover and computer unit I glossed the other week - it took FOREVER!

  3. Oh no not gloss! Poor you. I've never been able to paint well with gloss...

    Glad you both like the colours. Plenty more like them to come. x


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