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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Admin and Kylie

Today is an admin day. There are so many things to think about to get the tearoom up and running. So far I have organised my energy supply, my water supply, ordered a phone line and broadband. All done online which is great. Takes up much less time.

I went to see Kylie last night at Glasgow's SECC. It was amazing. My friend got two tickets for his Christmas and he asked me if I'd like to go. We saw her in Glasgow on her last tour but last night's show was just spectacular. The outfits, the dancing, acrobatics, set design, water features, aerial acrobatics... Apparently the show cost around £2 million to produce, I'm not surprised! I was particularly taken with a golden Pegasus horse that she entered the stage on.
I wonder if she get's to keep it? She could keep it in her back garden surely, beats the neighbours gnomes for sure!

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