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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Still going slow!!!!!

I've been chasing my architect to get an update on where we are with the paperwork for my shop...he's in Manchester until the end this week. No movement again this week then... can you sense my frustration?
Nevertheless, I am in a good mood. I've just been shopping for the tearoom. I got some lovely pastel coloured kitchen items form Marks and Spencers and four cracking vintage style glass storage jars (like the ones below)which could hold 3 or 4 bags of flour for sure. They weren't very expensive so I am extra chuffed. They were too big to take on the bus though, so I'll go back and collect them tomorrow.

I need to get the keys to this tearoom soon. My dad's garage has about 16 chairs, 4 tables and Welsh dresser and other bits and bobs taking over, and my house has extra tables and chairs, boxes of crockery all over the place. I'm feeling pretty cramped...

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