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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I got a lovely wee surprise a few days ago where Becca from Fancy Vintage awarded Cushion&Cake amongst seven others a STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD! How cool eh?

Thank you Becca, I'm very touched. It is not difficult to love Becca's blog being choc full with images of vintage goodies and stonking cakes. Go and visit her now at Fancy Vintage

So, with the award come some conditions. I must tell you 8 things about me and start my search to award 8 Stylish Blogger Awards to other bloggers. I look forward to this.

Here it goes:
  1. I love animals and have two pet guinea pigs, Bosshog and Buttercup who live in my flat with me. They are my wee pals, confidants and stress busters. I love them.
  2. I'm quite creative and in my life have tried a host of different things. I can play the violin, dance salsa, sew, speak French, cook and present food beautifully, put clothes and rooms together interestingly, can use Photoshop crudely, screen print, crosstitch... jack of all trades...
  3. Flowers are some of my favourite things. I'd spend my last few pounds on flowers (as long as I bought the guinea pigs some of their favourite lettuce first though)
  4. I practice yoga at home and weekly at a studio and love it. I'm sure it holds the key to happiness.
  5. Food is a passion. If I'm not eating food, I'm cooking it, looking at pictures of it or researching it. I look a recipes every day and have quite a collection of recipe books and random scribbled notes with ingredient lists on.
  6. A woman I aspire to be like is Elspeth Thompson, writer, gardener, blogger and creative extraordinaire. Sadly she passed away almost a year ago but you can read more about her here or check her books out on Amazon.
  7. I have an MA Literary Studies from Glasgow University but have worked in the voluntary sector for the last few years working with vulnerable people. Only now finding my way to a creative (and caring) role by opening a tearoom.
  8. I'm very lucky to have a super supportive and super creative partner, Stuart, without whom I wouldn't have found the confidence to rediscover my creativity, write a blog or own my own business. My family are also awesome and give me buckets of encouragement and nurtured creativity since childhood.
I'm off now to award fellow blogger a Stylish Blogger Award. I'll post their details here shortly.
Elspeth Thompson died on Thursday 25th March 2010 aged 48


  1. Well done on the award!

    Have just found you through Torie Jayne and wanted to say hi!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Well Done on your award Pamela!
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment - as you saw, I have bought an Elspeth Thompson book which I am enjoying immensely.
    It all makes so much common sense.
    Have a great weekend, hope everything is going well with the tea shop!

  3. Aww thank you. I'm hoping the building work will start anytime soon as I've got the go ahead! Nervous!!!!!! x

  4. Thanks so much for mention beautiful! You so deserve it with all the things you do, Am so excited for you opening a tea room, Really really sounds so much fun. I'm sure it must be a little daunting but you can do it, you have done all the hard stuff!
    looking forward to seeing how it goes in your first week!
    Becca xxxx


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