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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Pretty Things

These arrived this morning. They're pretty aren't they? I think they'll look good on cup hooks on shelves when not in use.
I also wanted to show you what inspired me to buy my vintage bicycle. I'm going to prop it up outside the shop with a little blackboard or something with Cushion&Cake and some flowers like this one.
It was outside a beautiful shop in Baildon, Shipley called Emma's. The two women who run the shop are beautiful and have made an absolutely lovely shop. It is half florist, half home and gift ware. I'd like to be a florist if I wasn't opening a tearoom. I had a taste of it working part time while I was at school.
 I visit the shop every time I visit my Aunt and feel all warm and fuzzy when I leave the shop. They have a lovely display of plants outside.
They have a Facebook page which you can look at here
Finally I thought I'd share with you the cake I baked for my aunt's birthday. Three tier, covered in pink icing with Marks&Spencers Percy Pigs!


  1. Yay cake!!
    What a fantastic idea using the bike. I'll be able to spot your shop from down the street easy peasy.

  2. Those jugs are so cute! Love the fluted shape and sugar almond colours.
    Great idea with the bike - will be something to stand out and get you notced as well as ebing in keeping with the whole vintage thing.
    The cake looks fantastic with the piggies! So tall!

  3. Percy girls are crazy for older daughter is in the UK and has been sending these home through the post as we can not get these sweet little pigs here in Canada.

    Love visiting you today. oxxoxo happy new week.

  4. I'm really looking forward to using the bike. It is really rusty at the moment and the frame is currently black. I'm unsure whether to paint it or leave as is. What do you think?

    Koralee: Percy Pigs really are popular. Grown men get excited for them! Glad you've got a good courier to keep your supply steady!! xx

  5. I love percy pigs from M and S so much! and a whole cake covered in them! awesome,

  6. Hi there - The custards here! Just a thought about your bike, Dom is going to cut a panel of marine ply and 'fit' it into the frame (I don't know how he will do it but he seems to manage most things!) and it will be painted with 'The Custards' written in a beautiful font for all to see (not sure why as I have no shop!!). You could easily do a similar thing and even use blackboard paint so that your sign can change with the seasons. In the past I have created a contraption with bamboo poles over the bike with bunting strung between the two poles! OOooo I better come and visit now! Good luck with the tea rooms

  7. Sounds like you have a pretty handy man there! That is a great idea. Also, your bunting on bamboo. That could look smashing for my grand opening! x


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