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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Just say 'yes'

What a great couple of days I've had. Not only was the sun splitting the trees today but I have been really chuffed at people's enthusiasm and kindness regarding my tearoom.

Yesterday I went to my partner's aunt and uncle's house as they had some cutlery they wanted to give me for the tearoom. My jaw dropped when they pulled out three huge, beautiful canteens of cutlery which had been in the family for a good number of years, but never used. Beautiful knives and forks, soup spoons, butter knives, the lot. Everything I could need for the tearoom. I'm now totally sorted for cutlery and extremely grateful to them for that.. I left them at Stuart's house in storage as I have no room for them in my flat so I'll show images when I get them to the shop.

The second brilliant thing happened today. I'd found a woman in Prestwick selling a vintage bicycle so I went to collect it today.  The woman was called Lynn and she told me that she'd bought the bicycle in a Police sale in 1974 and it was already very old by then. She also told me about the time the she cycled from Edinburgh to Prestwick (no less than 70 miles!) after having to get off a train while unintentionally using her student train ticket when it wasn't valid, heehee. It has been very much loved. Anyway, we got talking and found we had loads in common and got on really well. She offered me a cup of tea, I said yes and we chatted and looked at her photo album. She later offered me a whole load of gorgeous tea sets when I was telling her about my crockery collecting habits. I was so chuffed that she gave them to me and so grateful.

It is rare to feel such a connection with someone and it was totally by chance so when I was leaving, I invited her and her husband over to mine for dinner! I spent the rest of the day in a really great mood having met someone so lovely and kind. It just goes to show that new friends can be just around the corner.

Sorry for the lack of images today, there'll be more soon!


  1. Oh Pamela, such a wonderful day, such connection. People are amazing ( and jeez Edinburgh to Prestwick?!). I'm sure such gems are coming your way because your intentions are pure. Why wouldn't people want to share there treasures with you?

  2. What a lovely day, The lady sounds so lovely.
    And the bike and the china and the knives and forks,
    Awesome day!
    I brought 5 vintage hats today, what am i going to do with them!
    2 of the little ones wore them home in the car and everyone who saw them laughed their heads of! what a mess, hehehe
    have fun
    Becca xxx

  3. A perfect day, made me all warm and happy reading this post :)....thankyou for the bambi lamp link, it is indeed very lovely,am going to start saving my pennies :)
    Have a lovely weekend
    Jane x x x x x x

  4. How great is that, cultery and cups and saucers! Can't wait to see pictures!
    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Aww thanks everyone! You are all very kind and supportive also xx

  6. How kind people can be!
    Its amazing how your enthusiasm for what your are doing can strike a cord with a total stranger and end in china giving and a dinner invitation - wonderful!


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