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Sunday, 10 April 2011

tearoom bathroom wallpaper

I'm searching all my favourite places this evening for a roll of wallpaper for the toilet in my wee tearoom. I was hoping to be super thrifty and use up some left over Laura Ashley paper from my ownbathroom, but it turns out I don't have enough left...
So, I'm going to buy something different. I love this one from
However... I really like the white version of this paper which I'm considering having in my living room when I decorate after my first pay from Cushion&Cake :-) Would it be foolish to have nearly the same paper at home and at work? Probably... but I think the tearoom will be like an extension of my home... hmm... not sure...
There's also this paper which I really like from Cath Kidston.
What do you think?


  1. Love the middle one a lot! Sounds like a perfect way to have two colourways of the thing you love if you ask me.
    Good luck choosing.

  2. Do love the bird one from Laura Ashley, don't they do it in a range of colours?
    But I am partial to a little bit of floral Cath K too!
    Love the idea it's similar to your home, you will love it more!

  3. The Laura Ashley one does come in different colours, yeah. It is a beautiful paper. There aren't enough walls in my life to paper in all the lovely paper you can buy!

    I went ahead with the Cath Kidston paper, it was too cute not to. My mum is going to hang it for me with my help. I've never papered before.

  4. Lovely papers:) I have the blue rose one, its even nicer in real life but the CK one is so pretty, have fun's tricky but once you get the 'hang' of it its so quick whole walls appear before your eyes :)..Can't wait to see x x x x x

  5. I love the blue background with the bunches of flowers - so pretty and would be perfect for a small room


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