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Friday, 15 April 2011

feeling excited, feeling confident

I've been a bit quiet this week in respect of the blog, but making lots of noise elsewhere.
My little tearoom and craft gallery really is starting to take shape. My worktops are now in place, drawers and fridge, with my lovely new big oven arriving on Monday.

I spent an hour with the electrician this afternoon discussing how I want me ceiling lighting. It is all going well and is such an exciting project. I'm really getting to design what is essentially a big cosy kitchen with comfy seating and getting to fill it with gorgeous kitchenware and all the bits I can't have in my tiny galley kitchen at home.

It is the same with the craft side of the business. This week I've been making contact with designer/makers who's work I really like and it is nice getting to know them and eventually stocking their handmade goodies in the shop. I feel great and so confident that I've made the right choice to make this career move.
I may not say this in a few weeks but I think I'd recommend to any woman who was thinking about doing a project like this to just get out and do it. Getting to this stage so far hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would and I feel my confidence growing every day. I know what a difference my business will make to my life but I really hope that the people who come to my tearoom leave with a bit more than just a full tummy. I want them to share my lovely, calm, positive space and leave feeling great. Not too big a thing to achieve is it???



  1. Wow! It all sounds like its coming together just as you'd planned - well done!
    Looking forward to seeing more photos as work progresses.
    Keep confident - it will be great!
    Gill x

  2. It sounds amazing. Such a treat too that I could actually come an experience all those things you want it to be. Ooh and definitely a full tummy too, cannot wait!!
    Ali xx


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