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Sunday, 10 April 2011

the junk rooms, stirling

Like much of the country, we've had excellent weather this weekend. 19 degrees in Glasgow! That is like a Summer's day!!

I had a mix of fun and work this weekend kicking off with an impromptu run in the car to Stirling. We discovered this great place, The Junk Rooms.
It was a great cafe, bistro bar and as the name suggests, is full of interesting second hand furniture and quirky finds.
For dinner I had a lasagna made with butternut squash and I have to say, may well be the best lasagna I have ever eaten. Veggie lasagna can be very much hit or miss... this one was a HIT!
 I was impressed with their decor and these stairs were just some of the great details to enjoy.
We also did a lot of work in the shop over the weekend. We lifted several generations of vinyl floor tiles from the shop floor-yuk! We also had a bit of plastering to do. I knew that plastering really is a great skill but I thought I'd be able to manage not too badly. I was wrong! Just because I can ice cakes does not mean I can plaster a wall I discovered. The second coat went on today and the result I think is so so... I'll wait to see what my uncle the builder thinks when he sees it. He'll probably laugh out loud! Thank goodness for sandpaper, that's all I can say.
Out in the garden on Saturday we managed to get some other chairs spray painted. Only a few more left to paint I'm glad to say. My fore finger is fatigued from continuous spray paint action!

This week my new accessible toilet is going in and finally, my little kitchen will be installed and I can really get about doing what I like best. I just have so many ideas for the decor and little details for the tearoom that my brain could burst!
I'll keep you posted with pictures and any exciting news to come.

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