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Monday, 23 May 2011

Daft Day

My day off today was pretty busy but I did get some cushions made from the great fabric I got a week or so ago. I'll take proper pictures of them in the shop tomorrow but you can see a little purse I made for myself with some of the remnants.

I'm quite pleased with the little purse so I think I'll make one to sell at Cushion & Cake.
Bit of an eventful day today too for me. A bit disaterous in a comedy way. I couple of examples are having two car park securtiy staff searching for my car in a city centre car park because I couldn't remember where I'd left it and accidentally cutting a cushion I'd just sewn a zip onto in half! There are more like these but I won't elaborate... I don't want to demonstrate how daft I can be sometimes!

The tearoom now has one lovely highchair for small children. I'll get another next month. I'll get my mum to set it up  tomorrow. She's a recently retired childcare professional and if you've seen me assemble Ikea furniture you'd be glad to hear someone sensible is going to see to it!

Stuart sent me a link today for some pretty hooks. Something like this to hang the highchair on when it is not in use would be nice.
 I think I'd prefer something handmade though. Handmade, quirky and up to the job. Any suggestions?

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