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Thursday, 6 September 2012

New Crafts in the Gallery

It was time to start exploring the wealth of talent out there and start restocking the Gallery for dare I say it... Christmas?

There are so, so many beautiful things from independent designer makers that it is really hard to choose. I decided to go for function and beauty as well as little decorative items that you won't feel guilty about buying.

The function & beauty items were things like screen printed tea towels, drinks coasters and tote bags.
I love dogs, anything to do with dogs (and animals in general) so it is unsurprising that you'll find these pastel painted pooches in the tearoom.
These gorgeous screen printed tea towels would be just at home hanging as an artwork as they would being put to use on the dishes.
Jewellery and accessories are always popular. Who doesn't have a jacket that really could do with a new pin or brooch? 
Or how about some gorgeous big hand painted wooden beads? I particularly love these colours.
I'm still negotiating with some new designers to the tearoom so look out for more goodies soon.

Pam xx

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