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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Change to opening hours

It is quite a difficult job running a wee business all by yourself... Of course I absolutely love it but I'm starting to feel like I'm perhaps missing out a wee bit too much on the other things in life, like spending time with my partner and friends.

A few weeks ago over Easter I had two days off and spent them with Stuart my partner. It was amazing! I forgot about all the stuff we used to do together on days off. We visited antique shops, went out for food and just hung out together. So I made the decision to take a bit of that back and close the tearoom on a Sunday.

I really hope that people understand that I can't be open all the time but perhaps later in the year I will have some more people in my team to allow me to do just that.

From the start of May Cushion & Cake will be closed on Sundays but open on Mondays.

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