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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Cold Obsession & Christmas Crafternoon

OK, so I have to admit it now... I do have a bit of an obsession with snow and the like and find it totally fascinating. I love it and it makes the world feel magical. I was particularly fascinated, and dismayed at the temperature display on my mac.
If you can see, it says -14??? Well I wouldn't be surprised because look at the ice on the inside of my living room window this morning!
 Brrrr... anyway. On to less chilly things but super festive. I mentioned yesterday my Christmas Crafternoon. I've been working on putting together a programme of activities for my crafter guests. Things like these pretty snowflake felt coasters.
Mulled wine...oh cosy, warm and boozy... can a drink be any better??

Paper decorations made from last year's Christmas cards.
And a recipe for the mulled cider I told you about yesterday...ooft!
These were the kind of things I would like to do with my friends. They're dead easy but fun to make and they can take them home to but up in their homes.
I ordered my felt, tissue paper and the like yesterday so I am awaiting a delivery. I just hope the weather doesn't delay the postie or my Christmas Crafternoon!

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