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Monday, 25 July 2011

Beautiful Foody Blog

On my usual web surfing of gorgeous things on the internet today I came across this lovely site/blog. What first caught my eye were these chocolate brownies, but they're additionally special because they're made with Twix chocolate bars!
I'm salivating right now! I think I may give the recipe a whirl in the tearoom and see what people think.

Today was my day off which I spent treating myself to a little lunch, on my own, in the sunshine, running around getting things for the shop and more furniture painting. I got some outdoor tables and chairs from Ikea but they were BORING, so I bought a beautiful exterior wood paint called Little Pond and got to work. I've just been outside to check on their drying progress and they're still really tacky, so I built them a wee tent out of old shower curtains and bamboo canes to make them showerproof. The shelter however is not preventing lots of FLIES getting themselves stuck on my newly painted surfaces! I tried to rescue as many as I could but it was too late for some... Well... adds a bit of texture doesn't it?

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