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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

RIP Rosemary Cassidy

So I had to close the shop this morning for a funeral. My best friend's mum Rosemary died last week of cancer. She'd spent her last weeks in a hospice. I did see her twice in the hospice but I much prefer to remember her when she came to my tearoom last month for her birthday. She loved the place and even though she wasn't feeling well, she remained bright and wished me well for all to go well at Cushion & Cake. She'll be missed by all.

Closing the shop today was odd too. When you work in an office or something you get leave to do these kind of things. Working for yourself there is no one to cover or let you away for a few hours. I guess this is one of the (very few!!) downsides of self employment. I came back in the afternoon and stayed open till 6 pm and made a hummingbird cake for tomorrow. Some pictures of cakes are long overdue on this blog but I'm happy to say I've been so busy in the tearoom to be able to take photos! I'll try to get some up tomorrow xx

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