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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New Food!

What a great week so far! My wee tearoom has been quite busy with lots of lovely new people and plenty of my new fidels!
Finally  I arranged to go and see a fellow new business woman and florist, Allie, at Lavender Blue a week or so ago and arranged to get fresh flowers from her every week. How great, a surprise delivery of gorgeous flowers for my table displays. Last week I got a huge hydrangea, sunflower and peony, some lavender straight from Provence and delicious roses.
I've said a lot recently that if I hadn't done the tearoom thing, I'd love to retrain as a florist but I've changed my mind! The work involved is HUGE. I saw Allie today and she told me she'd just worked 24hrs! And she was still bright and smiley! I wouldn't be able to keep up with that...
I was super pleased when a new friend and C&C fan Cat Ingall popped in with her Stitch n Bitch gang to the shop on my late opening last night. They're working on a knitting project together while having a good gab and giggle and from what I could hear, advice on how to remove tics from dogs or yourself if you're ever walking in the country. I didn't get to join in last night but I'd like to. It's been ages since I was part of a wee group or community. When I was younger I was in groups of everything, Girl Guides, youth orchestras, art groups, you name it. I just realised I miss it. Perhaps working alone has prompted this need to socialise!?

I've decided to offer a bit more choice of food at C&C. There just wasn't enough cheese for a start on the menu for my liking so I'm introducing Tasty Plates. Three different types. A cheese plate, Mediterranean plate and Scots plate. They each will have lots of things to nibble on and share. We'll see how that goes. I'm bringing them in from Friday so I shall take a picture and blog it here to see what you think :-)

More lovely news is that two individual women have approached me to provide an afternoon tea for their hen parties. I'm delighted to have have them and let's face it, it is an excuse to get more decorations up!! One group wants to do some cupcake decorating which will be excellent fun. I can't wait to do that and the other woman wants an afternoon tea for her and sixteen other ladies. Big group. It'll be a hoot. I'll have to impress them with my banter ( and food).
This cake went down a treat yesterday, blueberry packed cake with a cream cheese frosting. A woman who bought it yesterday was back in today looking for a whole one to buy and take away! T'is a good one and I love people who love cakes as much as me!!


  1. I'm so pleased it's going so well. And as ever, very sad I no longer live in Glasgow to be able to pop in and have a looksie :( Really enjoy your blog!


  2. Oh that's a shame Sam...but if you're ever here on a visit... xx

  3. It all sounds like its going fantastically well for you, I'm so pleased for you!
    The flowers are lovely.
    It will be great for business and fun for you too to get groups coming in!
    This all reminds me of a book I have just read "Meet me at the Cupcake cafe" by Jenny Colgan - a lighthearted easy read, but great fun.
    Your blueberry cake looks so yummy!
    Gill xx

  4. Thanks Gill, I've seen that book! I was very attracted to the cover! Sounds like I should read it xx


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