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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Interesting Things I've Found This Week So Far

I had an early rise this morning. Up bright and early to go to a car boot sale in Polmadie, Glasgow. It was pretty good. I saw plenty of china, pictures and the like and as usual, I had to pick up a few things. All bargains though. I got these for £2, they're "Sunrise" by Meakin cake plates.

I also got this marvellous piece of work. 
 It is fully embroidered and was apparently done by a woman who used to teach at the Glasgow Art School. It is lovely. Looking forward to getting help to put it up in my bedroom.

The trip to the car boot sale wasn't just about rummaging for treasures, oh no, I'm thinking about taking a stall on Sunday. I was thinking, my little flat is bursting with stuff (no wonder you say, you keep buying) so I could probably move some stuff on. I've got a couple of dresses and other bits and bobs I'm sure someone else could make use of, and have room for. I just need a buddy to share my stall. Is anyone that desperate to get up at 6am on a Sunday? I'll do some baking too. There were a couple of stalls today with baking but it wasn't home baking. It was all pre-packaged stuff so maybe I can sell some cupcakes.

I've seen some pretty interesting stuff this week. The first was a Folksy shop, Cupcake and Cards, who do lovely tote bags, tea towels and other tea paraphernalia with screen printed cupcakes and other motifs on. I have my eye on a tote bag with an owl printed on. I love owls. 
The second was a shop I visited this morning in the Glasgow Barras (I'll say more about that in a mo) called Fabric Bazaar. I've been in for some things before but my visit today really made me want to go back and buy everyting. They have quite a lot of fabric but for me, it is the haberdashery stuff they have that makes me giddy. AND it is all super reasonably priced. I spent a fiver and came away with 5 zips, 2 spool cases, 4 bobbins of thread and several meters each of different ribbon and trimmings. Well worth a visit if you are in Glasgow. 
The final thing was the super helpful guy in the fabric shop was telling me about a woman who comes to his shop that is setting up a sewing cafe. That's right, a sewing cafe where you can do the usual cafe thing, but also hire sewing machines you can run up an a-line skirt while you sip a coffee. 

It's called Make It Glasgow and I can't wait until it opens.

So other things I've been doing today so far, well, I was having a look around for more properties that may be suitable for Cushion and Cake. I shifted my search a little from West End to Merchant City/East End. Earlier I mentioned the Barras in Glasgow. 
This place is a real hub at the weekend of stall holders selling their wares. It is kinda bric-a-brac, clothes etc that is sold there now, but apparently there are plans to give the Barras a bit of a make over. I already know that a big craft fair Made In The Shade Supermercado is planning weekly craft fairs in a newly refurbished part of the Barras which was making me wonder if my little vintage style tearoom and craft gallery may fit in, in this area. 

I've been on the phone to the council about this one.
It used to be a little tearoom called Tinkerbell's, and has been lying empty for some time. 

It could work. There's also another on on Saltmarket, next to some galleries which again may be suitable.
All posibilities I guess, so I'd better get on with phone calls and the like.
I realise this has been a rather text heavy entry, so I'll go, and tell you about the two evening courses in Creative Photoshop and Screen Printing that I started/starting this week next time.


  1. Hi, I found you via flickr! I would have loved to share a stall with you, we don't have any decent car boots round here, Bit too far to travel from manchester tho?? x x x x x x x

  2. Hee hee, yes it is a bit of a distance. Looks like I'll be doing the car boot on me own...never mind
    What is the craft fair scene like in Manchester? I'd imagine you'd have a good one there?

  3. Not as good as you would expect, can't find a decent vintage style fair anywhere, will let you know if I do x x x x

  4. That's a shame... maybe you could pioneer one????! xx


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