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Monday, 6 September 2010

It's Going to be a Good Week

I thought it might be Autumn this morning. The sound of the wind was whistling through my flat and it was not as bright this morning as it has been of late. I thought a Summer frock my be foolish today, especially if it is actually as windy outside as it sounds, so I put on my first pair of tights of the season.
I was looking forward to wearing these tights. They have hearts on them, and the only cost me £1 in the sales. Great stuff.

This past weekend has been great. Hard work because I was doing two craft fairs, both Saturday and Sunday. The preparation for these fairs took all the time I had after my return from Paris.

The fair on Saturday was in the Southside of Glasgow. I really enjoyed it and met an old friend Clare who also had a stall at the fair. She had lovely illustrations and when I told her I was looking for a special gift for a friend's 30th birthday, she said she'd do something bespoke for me. Can't wait to see it.
These are my stalls each day.
Some people actually looked giddy when they saw the strawberry topped one.
I should be working on my business plan as I had a bit of a disappointment last week. I found a property for the tearoom that I was keen on and was ready to make a move, but there was someone more organised than me, and they made an offer the landlord obviously couldn't refuse. So I can't make that mistake again. I have to be ready to roll as soon as I find the next suitable property.
Alongside the important businessy stuff, I took some photos of stuff in my flat for my slightly neglected Flickr page.
These are making my heart go a bit fluttery. The colours are beautiful.
These are making me hungry.
I think I can technically call all of this work, or research for the tearoom. It keeps me inspired.

Last week I went out for a walk to see if I could find any empty units for my tearoom. On my travels I found a cafe/tearoom called Vanilla Black with the most outrageously beautiful meringues. Big huge things with swirls and peaks and glitter sprinkled over. I took ages to decide on what cake to have. I was having palpitations really at having to make the choice.
I chose this. A victoria sponge, layered with jam and perhaps lemon curd? I wasn't sure but it really did taste good. I think I'll go back for some take away meringues and incorporate them into a dessert.
These are some sweet peas from my garden. I've brought an abundance of them indoors this year.
In relation to my sweet peas, I'm doing something rather fun this evening. I am going to a prize giving for a gardening competition. Yes, I have won a prize! 3rd prize in the best back court competition as judged by the local housing association here. Not bad for my first year of gardening ever. Maybe second prize next year? Or first perhaps? Anyway I'll be receiving a plaque which goes in the close for all to see. I am so proud :-)

So regardless of the tights which were put on today, this is the start of a very good week I feel. This new song has been giving me good vibes and I just love it. It is by Underworld and is called Always Loved a Film. It is reminiscent of another of their songs which happens to be my favourite Underworld track, Two Months Off. Lifts me right up and I feel all fuzzy and giddy(music has a profound effect on me).

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