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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Bad Timing to Find THE Property....

I'm so excited but I'm trying to keep myself under control. First of all, I'm going on holiday with my family and best friend to France tomorrow. My aunt has bought a house near the Vandee and this is our first visit to it together.
I'm also sooooo excited about a property I saw yesterday. I think it may be the one for the tearoom, but I'm frightened to say that in case the worst happens when I'm away on holiday. If any of you have bough your own homes, you will know that feeling where it just feels right and you visualise yourself swanning around doing your thing, well I felt like that in this place. My timing is bad though isn't it? I can't really make a move until I come back. Please, please don't let anyone else go and see it while I'm away!

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