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Friday, 19 November 2010

Kissen und kuchen... that's what I'd be called...

... if I opened my tearoom and craft gallery in Berlin. I'm just back from a couple of days in Berlin where I went to visit some trendy tearooms and cafes for some interior decoration inspiration. I found loads of nice places.
Where I ate my favourite thing in Berlin, a cheese breakfast!
We visited places like the Memory Cafe, above which had a real vintage industrial feel.
And places like this. A really feminine sugary coloured bakery and tearoom.
Even although pink was profuse...
the shabby furniture and distressed paint job made it all work together. AND they sold lovely little individual cakes, like this pear cake.
I really enjoyed my tearoom research in Berlin but I have come back a little less sure about what I want my tearoom to look like. I love pastel colours and traditional vintage with table cloths and prettiness, but there's a definite vintage industrial thing creeping into my headspace and I find myself attracted to old industrial pieces like sewing stools like this one. This stool is from a place in Edinburgh.
I hope I might be able to marry it all together and it will look magnificent. I'm sure it will...

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