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Friday, 4 February 2011

Colour Schemes

I'm feeling a bit impatient now. Today was the deadline for the Council to have looked at my building warrant and either pass it, or make recommendations. Hopefully next week I'll know if I can take the keys for the shop and start getting it ready.
As I've mentioned, I probably have all the china that I need and pretty much all of the furniture, but I need to do a bit of work on the furniture before its fit for the tearoom.
I think I'll try spray paint for the chair and table painting and see how that goes. I think it might be quicker that using a tinned paint and brush. These are the kinds of colours I'm thinking about.
I've got my mum on board to help sand and spray paint the furniture I have, maybe starting next week if the blustery weather clears to let us work outdoors.
I've baked a bit too this week. I've sent Stuart my partner off with some samples for his family to try. If the samples do get to them I will be surprised. He really liked my pecan and chocolate cookies. I did too I suppose and scoffed about three of them yesterday...

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