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Monday, 24 May 2010

Summer's Here

Phew, we had a scorcher here in Scotland over the weekend. I spent the weekend in the country at my Uncle George's and his wife Ellen. The have a superb garden and from my last post you'll know that they have chickens! It is SO good to be able to leave your house and go straight into a garden. I live in a flat, and even though I'm happy to go to the communal garden at the back (I do the gardening there myself) I wouldn't go there and sit in my pyjamas with a cup of tea...

Not much making or baking happened this weekend, mostly gardening and sunbatheing :-) However I'll be busy over then next few weeks with more business planning and I've taken a stall at another craft fair. Granny Would Be Proud is a craft fair of everything homemade and vintage. There'll be around 30 stalls at this one! It's a big 'un!!
Granny Would Be Proud
I'm thinking about what kind of cakes to sell and Stuart, my partner reminded me of some marshmallow treats him mum used to bring back from Church Fetes. Maybe I could make my theme this time retro cakes and sweets along with my cushions? I'll have to give it more thought as to what people would like to see. If you have any thoughts, I'd love to hear them!

I did some shopping earlier for cake ingredients and found these delicious little crunchy hoops. I'm sure they'll be a hit on any cake.

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