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Friday, 11 June 2010

Diggers and Cake

I feel I have started a number of my posts with "Oh my, where did the week go?" or "It's such and such a day already" and I'm going to have to say it again. The week has flown by but let me show you where a bit of the week has vanished off to.

That there ladies and gentlemen, is a 360degree digger and the driver of that vehicle is my partner Stuart. No, he's not changed job from graphic designer to digger driver (although I don't think he's mind driving diggers for a living). He's enjoying his birthday present from me that I gave him in August. It is a digger driving experience where you go and learn to drive a big digger. He did quite well. His actions looked fairly smooth from where I was sitting in the back of a Land Rover with the camera. He said shovelling earth from one place to another was very satisfying and it did look like a relaxing activity. I'm glad he liked it.

It was a bit of a drive to get there. The digger driving place was in Lincolnshire, near a town called Louth, which was a good 5 hours or so drive from Glasgow. We both drive so we shared the drive. Louth town centre was lovely. every shopfront was in a traditional style, painted with pastel paint. There wasn't a supermarket in sight, instead rows of shops including butchers, cheese shops and proper green grocers.

I was attracted to one shop in particular where the window had a lot of handmade soft furnishings in the style that I really like. The shop owner was lovely and we talked for a good bit about her business and I told her my plans for similar in Glasgow with a tearoom. I was really inspired by some of the things she had in her shop, all of them made by one woman in particular. I do wonder how easy it would be in this stage running up to opening my own place, that I could get my wares into someone's shop. I already do the craft fairs which is moving in the right direction, but I'd like to be a bit more pro active. It is something more to think about over the week I suppose.

Our trip to Louth however was short lived. Stuart is really busy this week so we couldn't take much time to enjoy the wee town. We drove down to Lincolnshire on Wednesday afternoon, then back up yesterday afternoon. However I'm glad we got to see a bit of this town and know that we'd like to go back.
After the digger driving, I insisted that we go back to the town to ahve lunch in the Madhatters Tearoom. It was great. LOts of little nic nacs for sale as we wne tin the door, then the tables filled the room to the rear with an eclectic mix of china and a simple but delicious food menu and cakes. 

Just realised I'm in shot in this one... silly me...

I took more pictures of Louth but they were on Stuart's camera so I'll have to get them form him and add them here.

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