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Monday, 14 June 2010

Monday, Monday....

So, the start of a new week and sadly I won't be enjoying any long drives for activities with diggers. I did ask my partner Stuart yesterday if he fancied a wee camping trip. He wouldn't commit. This is probably because I have camped a number of times and each time sworn that I would never camp again, but here it is, my annual camping craving has arrived. It is not necessarily the sleeping on the hard ground, roughing it or being at one with nature, but going on an adventure, just Stuart and I to eat lots of lovely food and have a barbeque ( we could probably do ALL of that however without having to sleep in a tent, it is called a picnic I suppose)

This week will be more about making. I've done lots of baking recently and have perhaps neglected all things fabric. I was very inspired by my trip last week and have lots of ideas for new cushions and other little fabric creations. Stuart is working on an online shop for me so I have to build up my stock for this project. Hopefully a successful online shop would lead to a successful tearoom and craft gallery.

I'm still to go back to the shop for lease on Great Western Road, to find out how much the renovations would cost. I'm waiting on the current business moving a few doors down. Hopefully by the end of this week I can go back and have a better look.

Another exciting project I have this week is stripping and painting a dining table and six chairs that I won on ebay for 99p. Bargain. And what made the deal even sweeter, was that the seller lived round the corner from my mum and dad's house where I will be working on them. I'm planning to paint the set in pastel colours, light pink, gray and white with one lack chair. These colours all match the wallpaper in my living room.
I like this image with my wallpaper, vintage mirror and Stuart's reflection.
I'll blog the process of repainting the furniture, it should be a laugh as I am notoriously bad (messy) with paint. I'm excited though. Hopefull I can go and look at paints tonight so that I can get started.

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