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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Muffins Gone Wrong!

Well I bought myself some new kitchen scales yesterday. I'd done a search on the internet and had found some pretty, light blue retro ones which would fit in superbly with my kitchen but sadly, in the end I just went for a little digital scale. My little flat is about to burst and I really don't know where I would have kept big traditional scales. I'll wait and get those kind for the tearoom.

I used them this morning however and they do work very well. I had an order of a dozen raspberry and white chocolate muffins to bake for my mum. I don't know what it is about muffins, but I just can't get them right! I had to text her and ask if she'd accept a dozen iced cupcakes...
Look at these ugly beasts. Completely mishapen and the raspberry has erupted through the middle and gone crispy! They're not fit for public consumption so I suppose I'll have to dispose of the evidence myself (they're still tasty).

So this is what mum's order looks like now. I don't know what went wrong, but there's a lesson in there somewhere...

I also made a few extra just for my brother. He is in hospital today having a bit of surgery on his knee. Get well soon Richard. The cakes'll keep him going!

I've been having a think today about the craft side of the tearoom. The craft gallery will probably not be quite 50% of the business but it is one of its features. I'm hoping to make contacts this weekend at the vintage and craft fair I have a stall at. These folk are whose work I'd like to display and sell in the gallery. I need to meet more crafty people and make more crafty friends.


  1. Hallo!
    Thank you for popping by & your message on the naughty photo stealer's too.
    Ooohh those cakes do look nice, even the first ones as you know they still taste delicious! Tee hee!
    Love Alison

  2. Hmm. I was going to laugh and mock and (verbally) ruffle your hair and dance around you whilst jeering at the muffins, but now I’m not so sure.

    I mean, you’re right – they’re still going to taste lovely, it’s just that they look a bit splatty. But does this actually matter? For public consumption, sure, it may feel a little shaming (unless you were to run a rustic/charmingly haphazard sort of a place), but for private consumption these are the business. You don’t even need to try to eat them tidily (which helps speed things up). I’m also simply gobsmacked at the divinely perfect batch you eventually sent forward to your mum. From the little peek we are given, everything about them screams “highest, highest quality”. I wish I could bake like that. Cooking to a high standard – no problem. Baking – problem. I always think I’m going to know slightly better than the (very precise) recipes. And I never do.

    Just briefly – and then I’ll get out of your hair, I feel I’ve been rambling far too much, sorry – but my partner has been involved in the arts (and crafts) for the twenty or so years we’ve been together. I may need to drag her here (she’s not one for blogs, really, and only reads mine under duress) to witness your journey, as she’s always had a hankering to do something vaguely similar: a cafe mixed with outrageously good cooking (that would be me, I have no say in the matter) and the chance to buy original pieces of art.

    Even if she doesn’t, I’ll be monitoring your progress like a beady-eyed hawk and reporting back to her, perfectly breathless.

    Kind regards etc (and sorry for going on at such length, I know that this can annoy some people),


  3. Thank you for your kind and humorous comments TPE! You never know. You may find yourself helping out your wife serving tea and cakes in her tearoom! If she isn't keen on the blogging side, you can write it on her behalf having looked at your blog.


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