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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Rain, Craft Fairs and Things I Like!

It is the first of June, and I woke this morning to really heavy rain and cars splashing through puddles in the street outside. Hmmm, isn't June a proper Summer month? Ugh, sorry, Scottish people receive the same bad treatment weather-wise from Mother Nature every year, still we are always a bit shocked and appauled when the rain is pouring down.

I went to a wedding this weekend, a cousin of my partner, Stuart. I was excited about this wedding because I was getting to stay in a hotel in Edinburgh and I had a new outfit. My mum kindly took me shopping and fitted me out with some lovely new togs and these awesome shoes.
So how are things going with Cushion and Cakes plans? Not bad actually. You may remember my post last week, where I was going to view a property that I had a good feeling about. Well, after having seen it, I still have a good feeling about it. The only problem is, it needs a complete reburb. The interior was like a maze with partiton walls all over the place and very unattractive shiney wood panelling on the walls. I like retro and vintage but this was NEVER cool! It'll have to go. So I'm taking my joiner uncle with me on Friday to see it again to see how much the work would cost and if I would be able to afford to do it! I'll keep you posted.

Other things this week is my second craft fair on Saturday, Granny Would Be Proud. This one is a big one. One of the two main craft fairs in Glasgow and there are around 30 stalls. It's great that it is so big but I guess the competition if more fierce. I'll be working hard this week on new creations and great cakes to have folk flocking to my stall.
Saturday 5th June, Hillhead Library, Glasgow 10am-4pm.

I'm on a continuous search for beautiful shelves. I love shelving. Especially if there are lots of kitchen goodies on them. I particualrly love this image from Maya Lee on Flickr. 
Here simple shelves support this gorgeous vintage tin with delicate trailing flowers. It is so simple but effective.
There really is inspiration all over the place for my tearoom.Shelving like this in the tearoom with its flower arrangement would be perfect.
Vintage tin can
Originally uploaded by MayaLee ♥

I'm off to brave the rain now. I need some new kitchen scales so I shall leave you with two adorable little lambs from Douglas that I met yesterday (I couldn't think how to incorrporate them into my post, so here they randomly are)
I'm thinking of some names for my new friends. Any ideas?

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