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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Live From the Country!

I'm writing to you today direct from Dunlop in Ayrshire. It is sunny, although I did have to rush out to the garden to rescue the guinea pigs from a heavy, but short downpour. All's well now. Sun's out and they have resumed their grassy spot for munching.

I'm house sitting this week. My aunt and uncle are on holiday and have left their 5 chickens in my capable hands. My daily chores involve, feeding them, cleaning their coop a little bit and letting them out to explore the garden. My favourite chore however is collecting the eggs every day. One egg laid each, so five a day! 
There are so many eggs I could bake a number of cakes and still have load left over for a frittata!
They work so hard laying eggs that they have to spend the rest of the day relaxing. This picture reminds me a bit of the ducks on the wall ornaments that you get. Ha ha, I like this image.

Even though I am away from home, with a garden to enjoy and lots of lovely fresh veg and eggs from the garden, I'm still working. My sister saw me before I left this morning and was surprised to see how full my boot was as I was only going away for a week. Well, I brought my sewing machine and a pretty big pile of fabric and assortment of cushions. Ive jut had a thought though... I've forgotten to bring zips! Oh well, I'll just have to make stuff that doesn't have a zip.

I also made enquries yeaterday into another property for the tea room. It is in the Briggait in Glasgow. It is an old fishmarket which has been completley re-done and now houses arts organisations, graphic designers, interior designers and the like. They have some retail units for lease which I'm interested in having a look at. I dropped them an email last night with my enquiry.
You can see more images on their Flickr
Or visit their website here.

I had a call from them this morning and I hope to have some information from them today. I hope a little tearoom and craft gallery would fit in nicely...

I'll no doubt let you know if there is any more news on the property and of course post more pictures of nice things from the garden, stuff I make, cakes I bake and of course hens and guinea pigs!
I'll leave you with this shot of one of the pea plants in the garden. Very pretty.


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