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Friday, 9 July 2010

Shabby Chic Paint Job?

OK, so you may remember me telling you a number of weeks ago about a project I was starting work on, a furniture painting project. I'd won a table, six chairs and a side table on ebay for 99p. Can't argue with that, and my task was to repaint them for my flat. I have to say, in theory, this sounds like a lovely project but it took me WEEKS to get myself together to do it. I can feel a bit overwhelmed by things at times and this was definitely one where I thought I'd bitten off more than I can chew.

However, I'm pleased to say that I made a cracking start earlier this week.
It was the sanding bit which was stressing me out a bit. I had an electric sander, but it is so noisy which makes me a bit jittery so I ended up sanding by hand. Very tedious and my hands are a bit rough now but better than the sander getting out of control and me running for shelter as it chases after me, whirring away ( as I fantasise may happen)

So they've been sanded, primed and some have had their 1st coat of paint. I'm painting the whole lot antique grey and a pastel pink. They're already looking good and I'll hopefully have some more images to show you later today...

Iwas thiking about painted furniture for the eventual tea room, but I think I'd have to get some help with the task... I so prefer the baking and making to sanding and painting I'm afraid...


  1. Hello, Pamela.

    I think, if you can be bothered - or if you manage to enlist some help - that it would be a terrific idea to have painted furniture for the (eventual) tea room.

    A couple of posts ago, you said: I can be a bit of a perfectionist sometimes and get a bit too caught up in tiny little details that no one notices except me.....

    These things matter and other people do notice the difference. Not all of them may be aware of precisely why something feels indefinably superior to something else, true, but this attention to detail pays dividends, I feel, and will always make the crucial difference in the end.

    And so back to the painted furniture.....well, this seems like one of those attentions to detail that will effortlessly charm and bowl over (even those with less discerning eyes). These things matter.

    (I suggest you bribe your partner into doing the grunt work and steal the glory as your own.)

    Amazing bargain, by the way, 99p. Good grief.

    Kind regards etc....


  2. One chair at a time dear, one chair at a time. I'll finish my windows if you finish your chairs. I've got the living room primered and one window with paint. Tag you're it!

  3. Thank you both. The chairs and table are now painted which took me much longer than expected, and I'm going to go ahead and blame the Scottish weather here as I was painting mostly in my parent's garden and you think it was November with the wind and rain we've had.

    MWP! No excuse now for those windows not to be seen to now. Sounds like you've already done the bit I don't like, sanding and is a bit boring isn't it?

    TPE: I really did enjoy the furniture painting in the end and would definitely do it again, albeit with help if on a bigger scale! I'm pleased with the result and glad that I did it properly. I think everyone may notice a less than perfect paint job...


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