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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Thrifty Finds

Regardless of the wind and rain which ravaged Scotland on the fist weekend of July, I had a pretty good weekend.

I had a successful day at the Granny Would Be Proud craft and vintage fair, had an overnight in a caravan on the West Coast of Scotland and got my mits on some bargain china at a thrift shop.

The wee craft fair was great. I did this one on my own this time which was okay... getting set up was a bit stressful as I had to unload and set up stall then put the car somewhere that it was free to park. That aside, I had fun. I took a nice selection of cupcakes which people always like and a mix of cushions.

Yummy chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow were really popular

There was plenty of interest in the cushions. The vintage fabric one at the front sold and the person who bought it wants a matching one.

After the craft fair, I quickly packed up and went to my place to collect my overnight bag and food goodies I'd prepared in advance and, of course, the guinea pigs. I take them everywhere if I can.

The weather wasn't great but I was delighted to find that the trift shop in Ballantrae was open so I got some nice bargains. I started to get a bit shakey in this shop with all the lovley things they had and they were super bargains. I even got a lovely side table for £2! I'm going to paint this along with the new table and chairs that I won on ebay a few weeks back.
I hope that I can start to collect china and the like for the tearoom now when I see it. I think this little set is the first set I've bought for the tearoom.
I had to have this coffee pot too. I don't drink coffee but I don't care. It is gorgeous. Maybe I'll start making coffee for Stuart when he stays over and serve it in my lovely pot. I perhaps won't fill it right up though... he's be rattling with all that caffeine!


  1. Tee hee, those are very similar to the plate I got aren't they.
    What a lovely set.
    I've bought a couple of lovely sets at the weekend too.
    Aaaahh look at your little winnie wegs, I miss my little piggies & they cutie faces. Bless them.
    Ha ha & I don't drink coffee either but love coffee pots!

  2. The cakes look tempting, the cushions are lovely, your finds are delightful, but GUINEA PIG PEOPLE!!!!! are awesome!!!

  3. Yes there is a great deal of truth in your statement. Hee hee. Are you a piggie fan yourself?

  4. Vintage Amethyst: you have had piggies too? I appears creative people like to have piggies as pets! x


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