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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Painting Project- A Week On...

A week later I am please to say that I have finished the furniture painting project! And I'm please with the result. The light pink and antique grey colours are just perfect. I can't wait to get them moved into my flat. They're still drying off a bit in my dad's garage.
I'll be sure to show more images when they're in situ in my wee flat.

So after my painting last week I came back to baking this week, which I think I do prefer. I was having a little play with som regal icing and trying to make it into little shapes to put onto cakes. I managed to colour the icing well with pink food colouring but making it into little objects is quite fiddly... 

OK, so these ones look a bit funny, they allude to a rose ;-)

I'll persevere though. I need to do a bit of reading to find out how to achieve nice results with the icing, as I have to say, I'm never awfully good at discovering things by mistake, or rather, I hate making mistakes when learning new things. Hmmm... need to chill out perhaps? Yes I think so. I so envious of people who are quite happy to potter away on things and if they make a mess of it, so what, they re do it and learn from the experience. I'd like to be like that...


  1. The cupcakes look yummy! I hear that once you put in the HOURS learning the frosting flowers, that you never ever forget it.

    OMGoodness your chairs look great!

  2. Lovely chairs. I was wondering how you got on with them and they look yummy. I always hate waiting for furniture to dry, but it is exciting.
    The cakes look gorg, wish I could make such scrummy looking treats.

  3. Thanks ladies! They are now in situ in my flat. Just waiting for a sunny day to take some pictures of them properly.
    As for the sweet treats... I need to find a place to set up my tea shop pronto as I just want to bake every day, which also meand I'm eating cakes every day.. uh oh...


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